Picture your life and be happy!

I started to paint

when a nice Italian woman read my palms and told me, I was a painter. This has been 20 years ago....

When I retired  from my main profession as a Natural Practitioner and Physiotherapist
I renovated my Atelier to enjoy even more creating my artwork .
I am inspired by Love, Buddhism, Traveling, Music, Spain and by Nature.

As an artist I am a color player.
My creative processes are free and open-ended, sometimes I have to destroy to build up again. I develop my style in colorful bright and expressive figures and abstraction.


1959  born in Wuppertal
1977 Abitur
1977 - 81 Study Applied Linguistics
1983 - 88  Training as a Physiotherapist
1994 - 96  Study Sport Science in Hamburg
1996 - 09 Working as an independent Physiotherapist
2000 - 03 Training in Feng Shui and Bazi Suanming ( Chinese Astrology )
since 2006
Natural Practitioner
2009 - 13 Training in Biosynthesis
2017 - 19 Training in  Systemic Constellationwork  and Evolutionary Astrology

since  2010
continuous training in drawing , painting and nude painting
since spring 2021
Student of the Free Artschool Wiesbaden


August  2019
' JETZT ODER NIE 'First Exhibition  in Klingenberg / Main

January  2020
' ELFENBEIN UND KUNTERBUNT ' Exhibition  Klingenberg Townhall

June  2021
Collaborative Show 'CONSTELAÇIONES '
Galeria Azur Madrid @galeriaazurmadrid

July  2021
' COLOR YOUR LIFE ' Doctors Office Dr. Nolte / Klingenberg

August/ September 2021
Collaborative Show 'URBAN PERSPECTIVES'
Grace Denker Gallery / Hamburg

October 2021
Collaborative Show ' PARADOX '
Galeria Azur Madrid @galeriaazurmadrid

November 2021
Online Exhibition  HYSTERICA @m.a.d.s.artgallery
Milano / Fuerteventura 

January 2022
Double page Featuring

February  2022
Collaborative Show  Plasticity 
Galeria Azur Madrid

March 2022
Collaborative Show 
Galeria Azur Berlin

March/April 2022
Solo Show
Amtshausgalerie Freudenberg

September 2022
ART3F Luxembourg 

September 2022
Group Show Euphoria
Galeria Azur Madrid

October / November 2022
Group Show Dreamland
Galeria Azur Madrid 

January 2023 
Bricklane Gallery London

June/July 2023
Group Show Session 04
Galeria Azur Berlin

December 2023
Artehos 23
Llobregat de Hospitalet

April 2024
Group Show Catarsis
The Gallery Riviera

My Vision

In my former profession as a therapist I always had the idea of supporting my clients in finding their source of power and  doing their things out of the deepest Joy of their heart

My Source of Power is Painting !

For me it is pure joy to paint and I would like to inspire people always to 

Follow the Path of their Heart

Meine Vision

Als Therapeutin versuche ich stets, meine Klienten darin zu unterstützen, die Quelle ihrer Kraft zu finden, und ihre Angelegenheiten aus der 
tiefen Freude ihres Herzens zu erledigen.

Meine Quelle der Kraft ist die Malerei

Es ist für mich meine größte Freude.
Mit meinen Bildern möchte ich den Menschen Freude bringen
 und  ihnen Mut machen,

den Weg ihres Herzens zu gehen